Study Shows Sea Buckthorn Can Reduce Oily Skin by 45%!

Researchers at the Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Pakistan studied the effect of 1% sea buckthorn cream extract on sebum production. They used 10 male volunteers between 20 and 35 years of age and gave each subject either the treatment cream or a placebo cream that didn’t contain the plant extract. The treatment cream is a … Read more

Sea Buckthorn Featured on Dr. Oz Once Again!

It’s been about a year since the explosive “Miracle Berry” sea buckthorn segment on Dr. Oz which can be found here. Previously he had discussed the benefits of sea buckthorn supplementation with 500mg soft gels daily. He concluded that it’s beneficial to the hair, skin, and nails, can help manage your weight, and alleviate constipation. … Read more

Sea Buckthorn’s Popularity is Growing!, a premier collection of market intelligence products and services on the Web, has announced the addition of “Next-Generation Superfruits” to their list of market reports. In this report, novel superfruits such as Chokeberry, Jujube, and Sea Buckthorn are discussed. Interestingly, over 400 new food and drink products containing sea buckthorn were launched since 2009, … Read more

New Study: Effects of Sea Buckthorn Oil on Mucous Membranes

Slated to start October 2012 and with an estimated finish date of April 2013, around 115 subjects will enroll in a clinical study investigating the effects sea buckthorn supplementation has on the mucous membranes. Geared towards female health, the study will mostly be checking genital mucous membranes, PH levels, and other vaginal health indexes. The … Read more

Clinical Sea Buckthorn Study Offers Impressive Results in Skin Care

The latest sea buckthorn study was conducted with a sea buckthorn infused facial cream. The results, as expected, are staggering for skin care and beauty!  (More about sea buckthorn for skin and beauty here.) Highlights include: Increased skin hydration.  96% of women claim their skin was more hydrated after 14 days, and 100% after 28 days. … Read more

Sea Buckthorn News

Featured sea buckthorn news hot off the press! Company and industry news such as press releases, sea buckthorn brands, industry events, in the media, and anything interesting we come across relative to sea buckthorn or the natural products industry.  If you hear about something and don’t see it posted here, please let us know about … Read more

A Humble Beginning ….

A humble beginning to a long journey.  Sea Buckthorn Insider begins its initial development today.  We LOVE this medicinal fruit and use it for everything.  Most Americans have no idea what sea buckthorn is and it’s our goal to continually educate them about this wonderful super fruit and all the benefits it can bring to their lives.

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