New Study: Effects of Sea Buckthorn Oil on Mucous Membranes

Slated to start October 2012 and with an estimated finish date of April 2013, around 115 subjects will enroll in a clinical study investigating the effects sea buckthorn supplementation has on the mucous membranes. Geared towards female health, the study will mostly be checking genital mucous membranes, PH levels, and other vaginal health indexes.

The 2 groups will be taking 3 grams of sea buckthorn oil or placebo oil daily for 3 months. Eligible test subjects will be between 55-75 years of age and female. They will have experienced vaginal dryness and have not menstruated in at least 12 months.

Clearly this study is attempting to ‘prove’ sea buckthorn supplementation can help with vaginal dryness and other gynecological issues as a female ages post-menopause. We’ve heard enough testimonials of women doing very well with sea buckthorn for this purpose and are very excited to see the end results of this study come 2013!

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