– Sea Buckthorn Oil Review

Originally published June 19th, 2013 by Sea Buckthorn oil is derived from a thorny shrub that is cultivated mainly in China but grows abundantly throughout Asia. It thrives near water and grows in sandy soils. It has long been valued in Asian countries as a medicinal plant with a multitude of healing properties. The medicinal … Read more

Sea Buckthorn Skincare Roundup – Top Manufacturers

Sea buckthorn has grown tremendously in popularity over the last few years both as an internal supplement and for external application. Consequently, many manufacturers have jumped on the bandwagon to add sea buckthorn and it’s Omega  7’s to their skincare products. Below are the biggest names in Sea Buckthorn skincare on the market. SeabuckWonders and … Read more

Sea Buckthorn Skincare Products – What Should You Look For?

Sea buckthorn oil is well known for skincare. It can rejuvenate, nourish, heal, repair, reduce inflammation, soothe, and beautify our body’s largest and most visible organ. Just apply the oil, let it absorb, and enjoy renewed, radiant, youthful skin! This is a cherished beauty secret in select parts of Asia and has been for thousands … Read more

Sea Buckthorn Juice: the Ultimate Vitamin C Drink?

Small Group of Sea Buckthorn Berries

“I knew about this lovely stuff, of course. Sea buckthorn berries are famous for containing more Vitamin C than either cranberries or oranges — 400mg for every 100g of raw berries, although of course harvesting, storage and processing all reduce the quantities you absorb. But I hadn’t tried it. And, though I knew you could … Read more

Sea Buckthorn Oil Soft Gels – Brand and Product Review

Welcome to our brand and product comparison of sea buckthorn soft gels. Below you will find a detailed comparison of the top manufacturers and brands providing this wonderful super fruit in the USA.  By sea buckthorn soft gels we mean sea buckthorn oil in soft gels. We will not cover pressed tablets, sea buckthorn powder, or any of the other varied forms of encapsulated sea buckthorn in this review.  Please review our buying guide on sea buckthorn soft gels here to learn why we recommend considering a quality sea buckthorn oil in a soft gel form.  Comparisons of sea buckthorn oils, skincare products, juices, etc. will have their own respective sections.  It is our hope that you will use these pages to inform your purchasing decisions.  If you see a brand or product not listed here please leave a comment below and we will be sure to look into it as soon as possible. Without further ado, on to the comparison!

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How to Choose the Right Sea Buckthorn Soft Gel Product

Taking sea buckthorn oil as a supplement is great for your skin, hair and nails.  But that’s only a small part of what sea buckthorn can do for your health.  Sea buckthorn oil is great for healing the gastrointestinal track, cardiovascular system and liver and boosting your immunity.  Compared with taking the oil in liquid … Read more

How to Choose the Right Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil

Sea buckthorn berry oil is the ultimate tissue healer.  It is used externally to even skin tone and texture, as well as to improve skin issues, such as acne, eczema and psoriasis.  It reduces the signs of aging by reducing the appearance of wrinkles and boosting collagen production.  The high concentration of the rare Omega 7 and Vitamin A intensely moisturize and encourage cell turnover for bright, clear, healthy skin and improved wound healing.

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Sea Buckthorn Products Overview – The Many Forms of Sea Buckthorn

The myriad of benefits supplied by sea buckthorn are the result of many different essential fatty acids, proteins, and other components that the plant contains. Not all of these are present in the bright orange berries, though; the seeds, leaves, and even bark can be processed into supplemental products that give the body all-natural assistance for many different functions.   Today there are many sea buckthorn product lines reaching the United States, such as SeabuckWonders, who claim to be the original sea buckthorn company.

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