Sea Buckthorn Products Overview – The Many Forms of Sea Buckthorn

The myriad of benefits supplied by sea buckthorn are the result of many different essential fatty acids, proteins, and other components that the plant contains. Not all of these are present in the bright orange berries, though; the seeds, leaves, and even bark can be processed into supplemental products that give the body all-natural assistance for many different functions.   Today there are many sea buckthorn product lines reaching the United States, such as SeabuckWonders, who claim to be the original sea buckthorn company.

In fact, all sea buckthorn products go through a processing phase of some kind, since no part of the plant lends itself naturally to the human sense of taste! Even the berries, while beautiful to look at, have a very sour, acidic flavor if eaten raw. As the plant’s benefits become more widely known and demand for it grows, we can expect to see a range of new ways to incorporate it into even more supplements and food products than exist today.


Sea Buckthorn Oil Soft Gels
Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil Soft Gels

If you’re looking for a quick way to enjoy the full benefits of sea buckthorn, you can purchase capsules filled with seed oil, berry oil, or a combination of both. The seed and berry oil carry differing health benefits, so combining them creates an excellent source of essential fatty acids, omega 3, 6, and 7, and vitamin E. Taking capsules by mouth puts these essential fatty acids to work for your gastrointestinal health, strengthening intestinal walls and reducing the risk of ulcers. Other internal benefits are currently being researched, including a possible role as a preventer of weight gain.  Read more about Dr. Oz recommending sea buckthorn for weight loss here.

Skin Products

Because the EFA’s in sea buckthorn repair and nourish the skin, applying the oils directly to the skin brings immediate benefits. Soaps and skin creams containing oils have gained a reputation for curing skin conditions like rosacea and acne, as well as quickening the skin’s natural regeneration process after damage. Mild protection of UV rays is another benefit of sea buckthorn skin products. Specialized products like lip balm and hand cream are also available.  Read more about sea buckthorn for skin and beauty here.

Hair Products

Shampoos and conditioners apply the same essential fatty acids that nourish skin directly to the hair, adding healthy moisture and a beautiful shine. The use of sea buckthorn to improve hair health is actually one of the earliest known. Its scientific name means “shining horse,” derived from the ancient Greeks’ tradition of treating racehorses’ coats with it.  Add sea buckthorn oil to your favorite shampoo to reap the benefits!


When brewed, the leaves of the sea buckthorn plant produce a green tea that passes on many of the same nutrients that are found in the fruit and seeds. In addition, the tea is full of calcium, potassium, and magnesium, plus a high concentration of protein.

Sea buckthorn berry juice is nutritious, as well as delicious when combined with sweeter fruit juices. These juice drinks are quite popular in Europe and China, making a prominent appearance as the Chinese athletic team’s official sports drink in the 2008 Olympic Games. There are even alcoholic beverages that use sea buckthorn juice as an essential ingredient.

Whether your priority is general good health; better-looking skin and hair; or simply a drink that packs antioxidants and a powerful boost to the immune system; sea buckthorn products can easily become an important part of a great healthy living routine.  Learn more about sea buckthorn for everyday well being.

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  1. Sir,

    Do you have any business here in UAE. If interested in market here kindly mail us your interest and Prices and catalogues and general business terms like MOQ etc. of the Seabuckthorn products.

    Subhash B

    • Good day Subhash,

      We don’t actually market or sell products on our website. It is purely for information, consumer awareness, and education with a bit of a social element. I will forward you’re email to appropriate manufacturers though and they can contact you about supplying sea buckthorn products. We personally like SeabuckWonders a lot right now for the purity and high Omega-7 content but I’m unsure if you want a finished product or sea buckthorn raw materials.

  2. Hi There
    I also live in Dubai and would like the information of where I can purchase these products. Especially the Sea Buckthorn Oil and capsules.
    Many thanks

    • Jacqui,

      I’m not completely sure if they ship to Dubai but you can check the sponsored ad on the right hand side of our website. They sell sea buckthorn oils and capsules. You’ll have to ask them regarding shipping to Dubai.

      Hope this helps!

  3. HI,
    Question on ordering. I would like to order Seabuckthorn berry oil for all of the wonderful benefits, especially the quick action in the way they work for so many issues. I would also like to take the seed oil for its benefits as well. Would it be feasible to take/use the berry oil internally and externally in liquid form as well as taking a soft gel of the combination of the two, seed and berry product together? If so, how much of the liquid berry oil should be used internally and safely along with the combination soft gel?

    Thank you for your time and help


    • Hi Michelle,

      You can definitely use it both internally and externally. If you are having skin issues it will be even better if you do it that way. In terms of actual dosage, you will need to just read the back of the package of whatever product you choose for a serving size.

      If you want to take a gel cap, just make sure the brand you find has both kinds of oil. If the brand does not specify or the ingredients panel says something like “sea buckthorn oil”, find a different brand.

      We would actually suggest just buying the liquid version of both kinds of oils. Good brands will give you a serving size so you will know how much to take of each kind of oil internally. Also, it’s much easier to use the oil topically because you just drop it directly on your skin or add it to lotions.

      Just follow the serving suggestion for internal use of SBT and feel free to use as much topically as you like- it’s very gentle.

      Hope that helps 🙂


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