Sea Buckthorn for General Immunity, Health, & Wellbeing

Sea Buckthorn is a complex berry, and its nutritional density makes it an ideal candidate for those that want an immunity boosting dietary supplement or herbal remedy. These berries are uniquely loaded with a variety of important vitamins, essential fatty acids, and flavanoid antioxidants that support your body’s fight against disease. As you consider the benefits of sea buckthorn dietary supplements and remedies, take a moment to understand what these products offer. These berries fascinate modern nutritional scientists with their individual, compact quality. Below, read a brief overview of the nutritional properties of this plant, and how those properties may improve your overall health.

Nutritional Properties

Vitamins – Sea Buckthorn berries are overloaded with vitamins C and E. Vitamin C has been cited as an extremely broad indicator of total body health. It boosts your body’s immune system, and has been proven to fight various forms of cancer while improving health in the cardiovascular system, eyes, etc. Vitamin E has a host of benefits, including fighting neurological and skin diseases.

Essential Fatty Acids – The EFA’s in just a small dose of this natural supplement include omega-3, -6 -7, -8 and -9; as well as palmitic acid (please note this list takes into account both the fruit and seed of the berry). These essential fatty acids help fight macular degeneration (loss of eyesight), heart problems and many cancers. These essential building blocks to your body’s function cannot be overlooked, and these berries contain unusual, complete amounts of these amino acids.

Antioxidants – Sea Buckthorn is unusually high in flavanoids, a type of antioxidant that studies suggest may prevent aging and fight potential strokes, some forms of cancer, and heart disease. In addition, flavanoids are commonly thought of as free radical fighters, combating atherosclerosis, platelet aggregation, and inflammatory conditions that contribute to cancer, heart disease, etc.

How Might Sea Buckthorn Affect My Immune System?

Anti-Inflammation – The leaves in this natural herbal healing method have been shown to reduce inflammation in lab animals. A specific protein in your body is known to increase inflammation, and studies suggest that Sea Buckthorn is one of a growing list of berries that may combat this muscle issue successfully. (Read more about sea buckthorn as an anti-inflammatory here).

Skin – Traditionally, Sea Buckthorn has been used to treat skin issues including burns, bed sores, and other conditions. Studies suggest that the use of this berry as a supplement has boosted skin health, allowing your body’s immune system to attack wounds successfully. (Read about sea buckthorn’s excellent skin benefits).

Possible Cancer Prevention – The vitamins, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants extracted into these supplements are known to fight free radicals—dead cell material that collects as waste in miscellaneous areas of the body. It has been suggested that Vitamin C fights various forms of cancer, while studies have introduced the possibility that Vitamin E may prevent breast and prostate cancer. (Learn how sea buckthorn helps fight cancer here).

Bacteria Fighter – Sea Buckthorn’s flavanoids and vitamins, which are nearly ubiquitous in this berry, may be a key immune booster, allowing your body to fight off the bacteria you experience every day through social interaction, touching doorknobs, using public bathrooms, etc. There is no way to isolate yourself from germs, but dietary supplements and herbal healing are phenomenal ways to make sure your body can fight disease.

Heart Disease – Most of the nutritional benefits listed above are commonly thought of as key nutrients in your body’s battle against heart disease. Research suggests that Omega-3s especially may increase survival in cases of heart disease. In Asia especially, one of the world’s largest sources of Sea Buckthorn, heart disease rates are far lower than in the United States. Reason would dictate that superior nutritional habits play a key part in heart healthy living across the pond. (More about sea buckthorn’s fantastic cardiovascular benefits here).


2 thoughts on “Sea Buckthorn for General Immunity, Health, & Wellbeing”

  1. I was wondering how long does it usually take to see the health benefits? I have dry, red eyes (I’m only 24 and I don’t wear contacts, so I don’t know why!) and it is so bothersome. I started taking seabuckthorn oil a couple days ago. I shouldn’t see a difference yet, right? I haven’t noticed any change. I figure it takes much longer?

    Let me know!



    • Hi Emily,

      Generally you should give it about a month of regular use before making a judgement on the effectiveness. The dosage may vary as well .. you may need to take more!

      Sea Buckthorn is getting known for helping with Dry Eye symptoms due to it’s high Omega 7 content which is so good at lubricating mucous membranes and bodily tissues. Almost all of the Omega-7 content is found in the Berry Oil so make sure you’re taking Berry Oil or at least a Blended soft-gel that includes the Berry.



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