Sea Buckthorn For Skin Care

This article came out over the weekend. Author Julia Gonzales covers everything from the concentration of Omega-7 to the medicinal uses of sea buckthorn.

Small Group of Sea Buckthorn Berries

“It provides rich vitamins A, E, D, K, etc., trace elements including iron, zinc, calcium, copper, manganese, selenium and iodine which are easy to absorb without any hormones, containing various immune regulating factors that increase children’s resistance against diseases and viruses without side-effects. Studies have also indicated that the benefits of Sea Buckthorn can help reduce premature hair loss in most people.”

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5 thoughts on “Sea Buckthorn For Skin Care”

  1. Hi
    I would like to asks about the oil of seabuckthorn..
    i hv a skin problem
    Has been 10years but still cant cure..
    the skin itchy and leave a marks..when im sweating its smelly and itchy..60% of my body has the mark and itchy.
    Please advice

    • Hello,

      It’s hard to say what could be the problem. We would suggest taking a sea buckthorn capsule that is a fruit and seed oil blend. That way you will get all of the benefits that you can from the two oils. The seed oil has anti-inflammatory properties with could help with the itching and the berry oil will support your skin cells. You may also want to consider a body lotion that has sea buckthorn oil or you could apply sea buckthorn oil directly to scars and itchy areas.

      In addition to using sea buckthorn internally and externally, you may also want to try an anti-inflammatory diet to rule out any sort of food allergies.

      Hope that helps

  2. Hello, I had a skin problem on my face right at the moment, I have this for almost 2 months now, I went to a dermatologist twice already which he gave me some medicines and told me that it is rosecea although there are big pimples appearing.. I bought this seabuckthorn face cream and I just want to ask if it really works for pimples and rosecea?

    • Hi Nesha,

      One person’s comment about using Sea Buckthorn for Rosacea is…” I have been using the Sea Buckthorn Oil to successfully manage my Rosacea for several years”. So it is possible that this may help you with the same issue. For treating Rosacea and acne we would recommend using sea buckthorn oil capsules to prevent breakouts. We would still recommend taking the medications provided to you by your doctor as well.


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