Sea Buckthorn Oil Soft Gels – Brand and Product Review

Welcome to our brand and product comparison of sea buckthorn soft gels. Below you will find a detailed comparison of the top manufacturers and brands providing this wonderful super fruit in the USA.  By sea buckthorn soft gels we mean sea buckthorn oil in soft gels. We will not cover pressed tablets, sea buckthorn powder, or any of the other varied forms of encapsulated sea buckthorn in this review.  Please review our buying guide on sea buckthorn soft gels here to learn why we recommend considering a quality sea buckthorn oil in a soft gel form.  Comparisons of sea buckthorn oils, skincare products, juices, etc. will have their own respective sections.  It is our hope that you will use these pages to inform your purchasing decisions.  If you see a brand or product not listed here please leave a comment below and we will be sure to look into it as soon as possible. Without further ado, on to the comparison!

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SeabuckWonders claims to be the original sea buckthorn company who brought sea buckthorn product to the US market. They offer a full line of supplements and skincare products utilizing 100% pure, certified USDA organic sea buckthorn oil with a minimum 30-35% Omega-7 content, the highest concentration available on the market at this time.  Their founders have been formulating natural health supplements and sea buckthorn oil blends since 1994 and have a background in medicinal anthropology, the study of ancient medicines. They consider themselves to be the “Sea Buckthorn Experts”.

Sea Buckthorn Oil Blend Omega-7 Complete

USDA Organic Berry and Seed Oil
min 30% Omega-7 Content

60 x 500mg soft gels
120 x 500mg softgels

MSRP: $29.97  (60)
MSRP: $49.97  (120)

New Chapter

New Chapter was founded in 1982 to “To deliver the Wisdom of Nature to all those seeking natural wellness” as stated in their mission statement. Starting off with mainly herbal formulations, they eventually delved into food supplements and tinctures. Today, New Chapter is a leading brand in the natural supplements arena.  They don’t specialize in sea buckthorn like the predecessors listed above but they do offer sea buckthorn soft gels and are a credible brand.  Their sea buckthorn soft gels are not 100% pure, however, and contain other ingredients besides sea buckthorn.

Super Critical Omega-7

Blend of Sea Buckthorn Berry and Seed Oil, Rosemary and Calendula Extract, and Organic Sunflower Oil
min 20% Omega-7 content

30 x 500mg soft gels
60 x 500mg soft gels

MSRP: $31.95 (30)
MSRP: $56.95 (60) 

Sea Buckthorn Force

Blend of Sea Buckthorn Berry and Seed Oil, Rosemary and Calendula Extract, and Sunflower Oil
min 20% Omega-7 content

30 x 500mg soft gels
60 x 500mg soft gels

MSRP: $31.95 (30)
MSRP: $56.95 (60)

* Super Critical Omega-7 and Sea Buckthorn Force are the same soft-gels

SiBu Beauty

SiBu Beauty coins itself as the sea buckthorn beauty brand started in 2009.  They also offer a line of supplements and skincare products made with sea buckthorn.   At this time we are still unsure of their product’s organic status.

Cellular Support with Omega-7

100% Berry and Seed Oil
min 20% Omega-7 Content

60 x 450mg soft gels

MSRP: $29.95

SiBu Sea Buckthorn Oil Soft Gels

Sea Buckthorn Oil Soft Gel Comparison Chart

That’s our round up of sea buckthorn oil soft gel brands and products.  Below is a comparative chart of the products reviewed.  Make sure to compare apples to apples. Berry (fruit) oil is different than seed oil in value and they have vastly different nutritional profiles. Click here to learn more about sea buckthorn berry oil and sea buckthorn seed oil, respectively.  Also, sea buckthorn oil is more expensive than most other plant based oils on the market due to it’s rarity and limited availability.  Keep that in mind when comparing 100% pure sea buckthorn oil soft gels with those that are blended with other ingredients. There should be a considerable cost difference if it’s blended with more common, less expensive oils.

Our Value Pick 
New Chapter SiBu Beauty
Product Sea Buckthorn Oil Blend Omega-7 Complete Super Critical Omega-7 Sea Buckthorn Force Cellular Support with Omega-7
Formulation 100% sea buckthorn oil Blended oil Blended oil 100% sea buckthorn oil
Organic USDA n/a n/a n/a
Kosher Yes n/a n/a Yes
Omega-7 Content min 30% min 20% min 20% min 20%
Quantity 60/120 x 500mg 30/60 x 500mg  30/60 x 500mg 60 x 450mg
Price $29.97/$49.97 $31.95/56.95 $31.95/56.95 $29.95
(per soft gel)
$0.49/$.41 per 500mg softgel $1.06/$.95 per 500mg softgel $1.06/$.95 per 500mg softgel $.49 per 450mg softgel


For the highest quality and quantity for the value, we currently recommend SeabuckWonders soft gels containing USDA organic oils.  According to our product comparison chart, SeabuckWonders has the best value per soft gel. Sibu’s softgel is similar in cost but offers 10% less oil comparing with SeabuckWonders’. SeabuckWonders also uses pure USDA organic oils and, on top of that, they have the highest listed Omega-7 content available (almost all of sea buckthorn’s Omega-7 content is found in the berry oil).

New Chapter’s Sea Buckthorn Force and Super Critical Omega-7, which are actually the same product with a different label, are the only products listed here that are not 100% pure sea buckthorn.  They’re blended with other oils and are in somewhat a class of their own.  They do contain sea buckthorn as their main ingredient but in a lower amount than any of the other brands compared here.

34 thoughts on “Sea Buckthorn Oil Soft Gels – Brand and Product Review”

  1. Nanaa,

    You can try checking out USA online retailers who may ship overseas. Otherwise, we don’t know where it is found in your country. Sorry we couldn’t be of more help. Check with your local health food retailers.

    • As far as can be told looking at the labels – yes both New Chapter Sea Buckthorn Force and Supercritical Omega 7 are exactly the same product with a different label. One oddly claims to have 10 more mg of Omega 7 Palmitoleic Acid than the other though. Their website shows the two products having the exact same ingredients.

      Please note this is a not a pure sea buckthorn product. It has Rosemary and Calendula extract as well as Sunflower oil. This will only dilute the sea buckthorn and omega 7 efficacy. They don’t state a purpose for the ‘extra’ ingredients other than being holistic and working together.

    • PJ,

      Sea buckthorn is not a mass marketed commercialized fruit yet. It’s getting there with public demand but at this time it’s not. Also, sea buckthorn is a very thorny shrub that is hard to cultivate. This adds to the cost of harvesting this fruit. We expect sea buckthorn production to increase globally in the future as demand and exposure increases. Maybe there will be more efficient harvesting methods as well. Currently shaking the tree and/or hand picking the berries is the main way it’s done.

    • Kitty,

      It looks like a fine sea buckthorn berry oil soft gel. However, seed oil has many more benefits internally such as high amounts of omega 3, numerous phytonutrients, and some very potent antioxidants. For internal use it’s recommended to take a blend of berry and seed oil if you can. Also, we always recommend finding USDA organic oils if you can. Our sponsored ad on the right sidebar retails many sea buckthorn brands including USDA organic blends in soft gels.

      Hope this helps!

    • Bernadette,

      We don’t know that brand and in particular try to not recommend any brands. We recommend finding the highest quality, pure, Non-GMO Project Verified, and USDA organic sea buckthorn oils you can find. Hope this helps!

    • Patti,

      A quick Google search is not showing carrageenan in any of SeabuckWonders capsules. However, please contact them if you have any questions. We’re only here to educate about sea buckthorn and provide a resource for the natural health community. You’re comments and questions are greatly appreciated!

  2. Hi admin, I totally agree with you. I have much more experience using sea buckthorns oil and from last 2 years until now I use to drop daily 2 times. It is really effective and has no side effect that can harm your skin.

  3. Hi, I have read a lot of your site. There is a lot of information here. Do you grow the sea buckthorn plants?
    I notice you recommend seabuckthorn wonders over other brands. do you take this? have you noticed any improvement in your health?
    Do you know if the seabuckthorn wonders capsule is made with the sea buckthorn growing in Canada?
    Why USDA regulated? Why not NOP regulated? Isn’t that the United States organic certification agency? USDA doesn’t do anything organic do they?

    Sorry for so many questions.

    • Hello Wendy,

      We are purely an information site about sea buckthorn. You would have to look at the website of the brand you are interested in to find out specific questions like yours.

      Most product websites are loaded with customer reviews that may help you as well.

      We love sea buckthorn and all of us there at seabuckthorninsider use it on a regular basis for general health, cuts, burns, blemishes and more! Whatever brand you choose, we think you’ll see great results!


    • Wendy, I just stumbled on to this site because I love all things Sea Buckthorn. Imagine my surprise when I see how highly recommended Seabuck Wonders is. I began using SBW about 18 months ago. after reading how it moisturizes the internal tissues, particularly in regards to vaginal dryness which leads to painful sex. Within a month of use, I no longer had a problem. I continue to use SBW for cardiac, skin, IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome and many other things. I hope never to be without it.
      I also use the sea buckthorn seed oil on my face, 2oz size. I use the Levin Rose 2oz size variety because it has proven to be the most beneficial to me but there are other brands also. My sister suffers from demodex mites on her face (Google please) and within two weeks her skin and eyelashes were clear and beautiful.
      A last thought: there is a berry oil and a seed oil in the Sea Buckthorn oils. They are both equally beneficial except the berry oil has a tendency to stain the skin of some people. The price is about the same for either, the berry running a few cents lower but nothing substantial. This stuff is amazing for anything you can think of and I highly recommend it. In fact of all of the alternative health products I use, SBW would be the last one I would give up. It has become that essential to me, capsules and oil. Go on a quest of discovery and then celebrate~*~

    • Hello,

      In researching for this product, we weren’t able to find any labels or ingredients lists online. We are based out of the US and do not have this product here. We aren’t familiar with this one. Here are some guidelines so that you can get the most out of the sea buckthorn product you choose. Be sure to check the nutritional ingredients label before you commit to buying a product.

      1- Make sure the product is 100% Sea buckthorn. Many products on the market have filler oils because sea buckthorn oil is expensive and sometimes difficult to source. If you want the most benefits, make sure the source is pure. A lot of products say that they have sea buckthorn on the label or product name but when you actually see the contents, you find there are only small amounts of the ingredient.

      2- Check to see what percentage of Omegas you are getting on the label. The brand you are buying should be doing tests to see how much Omegas are in the product and then reporting that on the nutritional label. You will want a higher percentage of Omegas. For a blended product with both seed and fruit oil (which is what you are getting if the product has 3,6,7 &9), a quality product will have around 30-35% Omega 7 and around 25-30% Omega 3. The Omega 6 & 9 should be in the 30-35% range. If the product does not show the amount of each Omega on the label, we say steer clear of it because that means the company isn’t testing the product.

      3-Find out if the product is certified by different organizations. When buying sea buckthorn oil, it’s really best to get something certified organic, for example. Not only does this ensure purity of the product, it shows that the company is transparent enough to go through testing with an outside organization.

      If you follow these basic guidelines, we think that you will be able to find a great brand of sea buckthorn. Good luck!

  4. Hi thank you for great reading. Do you know if I can get any of the above sea buckthorn products in NZ? I have Sjogrens Disease with severe dry eyes and would like to know how many capsules I should take daily and what gram per capsule. Thanks

    • Hello,

      I would click over to our sponsor ads to see if they can deliver to NZ. If not definietly ships to your country.

      Thank you!

    • Bonni, I purchase mine from Amazon but I do know that Iherb carries SeaBuck Wonders which meets the standards mentioned. I believe the capsules, small oval-shaped brown capsules with a bit of a woodsy scent are 500mg and I take two every night but I suspect you might try one for a week or two to see if it helps if money is an issue. I know without a doubt that moisturizing the internal organs is one of the best things about SBO.
      By the way, I don’t know what is available in other countries but EBAY has some pretty good deals on this product and brand as well! Best to you.

  5. please help me, I would like to know more about the brand Omega7 sea buckthorn oil sold in the UK as well as USA I believe, there does not seem to be any other name the package so I believe this is the brand name, please how does this brand compare in quality and potency in its ingredients when compared to Seabuck Wonders or in general as a product worth investing in.

    Also can you advice me of any stockist for Sea Buckthorn oil anywhere within Turkey
    Thank you

    Thank you

    • Hello,

      Yes, we have seen this brand online. It seems that it’s a good product but the fact that it is not Organic Certified or Non-Gmo certified is something to take into consideration. Now that sea buckthorn is becoming more popular as a supplement, many companies are adding the ingredient to their products or just jumping on the band wagon and creating their own supplements. Sea buckthorn is not a wide spread crop and so many companies have a hard time sourcing it. That means they don’t always have access to the best raw materials. It also could mean that they do not have access to the same source every time they make a product, which is not good for quality control.

      Since in the USA supplements are not regulated by the FDA, certifications like Organic and Non-GMO are benchmarks for quality. They show that the company has allowed it’s supply chain to be scrutinized by outside parties which is a good thing. I’m not sure what the regulations in your country entail in regards to Organic certification but here in the US it’s one of the only things consumers have to ensure quality when it comes to natural supplements. When it comes to supplements, especially sea buckthorn, I would stick with the Organic option.

      You should be able to purchase sea buckthorn supplements from from your country.


  6. I live in Malaysia. Presumably I could order on-line for my own consumption. Could you please offer some comments on shipping of the product from a source far away. All supplements I believe have to be kept in a dry and cool environment (usually below a certain temperature) and I am not sure if this requirement is met on the entire journey when the product makes its way to me. Thank you.

    • Hello,

      Yes you should be able to order from or there is another site called that will most likely ship to you. You might want to see if you can get expedited shipping from those sites just to be safe. I know that Malaysia has warm weather, but it’s not hot enough there to be too concerned. Sea buckthorn oils are incredibly stable so they should be fine on their journey to you. Just make sure you don’t leave them in a hot mail box for an extended time.

      You may also want to consider purchasing an oil product that is not in gel caps. If gel caps get too hot they melt together and you will have a big gooey ball of pills if the worst case scenario happens. The oil products that come in dropper bottles are just as convenient and are actually really nice because it’s easy to also use the oils topically, which we highly recommend. All in all though, you should be fine.

      Good luck!


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