How to Choose the Right Sea Buckthorn Soft Gel Product

Sea Buckthorn Soft GelsTaking sea buckthorn oil as a supplement is great for your skin, hair and nails.  But that’s only a small part of what sea buckthorn can do for your health.  Sea buckthorn oil is great for healing the gastrointestinal track, cardiovascular system and liver and boosting your immunity.  Compared with taking the oil in liquid form with a dropper, taking sea buckthorn oil in softgel form offers several advantages: you don’t have to taste the oil, it’s more convenient when traveling and it’s easy to control the dosage.  Therefore, it has become the most popular way to take sea buckthorn internally.

Demand for sea buckthorn soft-gels increased significantly since Dr. Oz’s renowned sea buckthorn segment last year touted it for weight management and fat burning (Check it out here).  At the time, there were only a handful of companies offering sea buckthorn softgels, including SeabuckWonders and New Chapter.  Today, there are many companies offering sea buckthorn in softgels, pills, and capsules with various levels of quality, price and forms of sea buckthorn.  This guide is designed to help steer you through the different options available for sea buckthorn soft gels, so you can make an educated decision when making a purchase.

Brand Credibility

Much like Acai, Nonni, Raspberry Keotone, and just about every other big natural product boom that hits the market, it only takes so long for competitors to saturate the market with products containing the popular ingredients.  Unfortunately, this can make it very hard for consumers to know who they can trust.  Before sea buckthorn exploded on the market, there were only a couple companies offering it.  SeabuckWonders has been selling sea buckthorn since the 1990’s, long before most Americans even knew what it was.  They consider themselves the sea buckthorn experts and were the first company in America to sell this fabled oil.  Then New Chapter started offering a softgel product containing sea buckthorn oil in the late 2000’s.  A few other companies, such as Sibu Beauty, a personal care company, have also jumped on board with products containing sea buckthorn.

Choosing a reliable and credible brand is important.  Many of these new ‘fad’ companies are privately labeled or sourcing the cheapest sea buckthorn they can find, slapping it into pills, and throwing it on the market, hoping to cash in on some of the action. They don’t know sea buckthorn well, don’t prioritize quality, don’t share the passion of sea buckthorn-based companies, and usually offer a cheaper price due to their cheaper quality of sea buckthorn product.

Product Quality

There is a huge discrepancy between the sea buckthorn pills on the market.  It’s crucial that you realize the difference between them to make sure you’re getting all the health benefits sea buckthorn has to offer.

Make sure it contains sea buckthorn oil.  Many products are now offering sea buckthorn extracts or powders in capsules at very low prices.  These are not oils, but encapsulated dry powder leftover after the oil is extracted from it.  Although they should still contain many of the vitamins sea buckthorn has to offer, they’re missing the most important benefit of this super-fruit – the essential fatty acids.  Essential fatty acids, such as Omega 3, 6, 9, and 7, found in the berry, are oils.  Learn more about the advantages of sea buckthorn oil here.

Simply put, choose sea buckthorn oils in soft gels!  The benefits of sea buckthorn and the reasons it truly shines are the synergistic effects of it’s vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids, including the rare Omega 7.  When sea buckthorn is taken  out of its natural oil form, you lose many of these life-giving nutrients in the process.


Even when choosing sea buckthorn oils in soft gels, the question of purity often has to be considered.  Look for 100% pure sea buckthorn oil in your soft gels.  Some companies will add other oils, such as olive oil, vitamin E or another carrier oil into their soft gels, which dilutes the amount of sea buckthorn Omega 7.  This decreases their manufacturing costs since the alternative oils are much cheaper.  Although this also lowers your retail costs, the problem is the added oils take away from the vast array of nutritional benefits provided by sea buckthorn oil.  So choose 100% pure sea buckthorn oil in soft gels for the greatest benefits.

Omega-7 Content

Omega 7 Fatty AcidAs stated in our article on choosing the right sea buckthorn berry oil, the Omega-7 content of your sea buckthorn is an essential factor in determining its full potential as a health supplement. Omega-7 is THE essential fatty acid that makes sea buckthorn so unique.  It’s the richest plant source of Omega-7 in the world.  The average consumer doesn’t know that almost all of the Omega-7 content of sea buckthorn is found in the berry.  The seed oil does not contain much Omega-7.  When choosing a sea buckthorn soft gel, make sure to read the supplement facts on the back and check the listed amounts of these essential fatty acids.  Outside of sea buckthorn seed oil, which has only a minute amount of Omega-7, you should be looking for a berry oil listed with at least 30% Omega-7 content.  Visit this link to learn more about Omega-7.

Certified Organic

We always recommend finding USDA-certified organic products when  you can.  When you purchase products with this certification, you can be sure they are of the highest quality standards and contain no pesticides.  They are also available as a fresher product and  are grown in a way that is better for the environment.  Organic also means non-GMO.  Currently, the raw material that is used to make softgels can not be certified as USDA organic, so the best alternative is to find a manufacturer of USDA organic sea buckthorn oil that encapsulates it in soft gels.

Note: Currently, no product in softgel form can be certified as USDA Organic and carry the USDA Organic Seal.

Certified Kosher

When choosing a sea buckthorn softgel product, you have to decide on not just the quality of the sea buckthorn oil inside, but also on the quality of what the softgel itself if composed of.  Sea buckthorn can be found in 3 types of caps: vegetable softgels, regular soft gels and kosher soft-gels.  While vegetable softgels allow the sea buckthorn to remain a vegan product, they are often unstable and break easily, so they are not a very good option.  Kosher products are superior to non-kosher products because they are subject to very strict rules on how and what they are made of.  Each step of the process is scrutinized and tested to assure adherence to the kosher guidelines.  While not necessary, this is preferable to using a product that that not been subjected to the same standards.


As stated above, lookout for very cheap sea buckthorn pills with little or no brand recognition.  Often they are inferior extracts or powders thrown into capsules for a quick buck.  They don’t have nearly as many nutrients and beneficial properties as an organic sea buckthorn oil and you will miss out on the all important essential fatty acids. It’s unfortunate, but some consumers are searching for sea buckthorn online and are buying these ‘great deals’, and then swearing sea buckthorn off as a phony supplement.  Get educated, make the appropriate purchase, and reap the benefits of this marvelous super fruit!

  ** As a side note, Dr. Oz recommended taking the 500mg softgels of sea buckthorn oil in his famous sea buckthorn segment.  We think that’s a great guide as long as you’ve already met the requirements listed above for a quality sea buckthorn soft gel.

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  1. Hello. I am trying to source the pure organic Sea Buckthorn oil in soft gel capsules, that you recommend, in the UK (or anywhere that will ship them to the UK). So far I cannot find anywhere that stocks them.
    Do you have a list of suppliers?

    Thank you very much

    • As far as can be told looking at the labels – yes both New Chapter Sea Buckthorn Force and Supercritical Omega 7 are exactly the same product with a different label. One oddly claims to have 10 more mg of Omega 7 Palmitoleic Acid than the other though. Their website shows the two products having the exact same ingredients.

      Please note this is a not a pure sea buckthorn product. It has Rosemary and Calendula extract as well as Sunflower oil. This will only dilute the sea buckthorn and omega 7 efficacy. They don’t state a purpose for the ‘extra’ ingredients other than being holistic and working together.

  2. A friend of mine introduced me a small plastic bottle of sea buckthorn oil capsules written in Chinese and English, so I gave it a try and to my surprise within nearly a month of taking two pills daily my sciatic nerve pain from my right leg had apparently disappeared and my lower back pain also has been feeling better, honestly I don’t know, but to me it helped. To my suggestion, I’ll just keep on consuming them for the rest of my days to come. P.S. Not to mention that I’m 48 years old.

    • Carlos that’s fantastic! We’re glad to hear of your success with sea buckthorn oil! Let us know any experiences you have with it. We’d love more of your feedback on the site! : )

  3. Hi, I’m living in kuala Lumpur and wish to find out how to get this wonderful seabuckthorn soft gel. Is there a company supplying it in malaysia ?

    • Kenny,

      Please click on one of our sponsored ads. They may sell internationally. Or you can look for another provider online or elsewhere. Hope this helps!

    • Hi I am a breast cancer survivor for 2 years. I am taking the tamoxifen tablets daily . Please advise me, which Sea Buckthorn soft gel is appropriate for me to consume , Sea Buckthorn seed oil or berry oil ? Thanks in advance .

      • Hello,
        Many cancer survivors like to use the fruit oil because they have had chemotherapy which dries out the delicate cells in the body like in the eyes. It’s also advisable to take the seed oil for it’s antioxidant qualities. The best option for you will be to use a product that has both seed and fruit oil combined or to create a blend of seed and fruit oils yourself.

        The only side effect of sea buckthorn that you should be aware of is that it does have a blood thinning effect. This is not a concern for healthy people but you may want to take extra precautions since you are on medication daily. If the medication you are on also has a side effect of thinning the blood you may want to talk to your doctor before taking sea buckthorn just to be safe.

        Hope that helps and good luck!

    • Hi Deb,

      Just to clarify, we do not actually sell any sea buckthorn products. You can click on one of our sponsor ads to purchase products if you are interested.

      To aid with leaky gut syndrome, you will need a supplement that is high in Omega 7 because it will be the most hydrating for your mucous membranes. Leaky gut Syndrome is marked by inflamed and irritated mucous membranes. Sea buckthorn fruit oil will be the best bet for it’s hydrating and soothing properties. So find an oil or capsule that has a high fruit oil content or choose the one that has the most Omega 7.

      Hope that helps!

      Thanks for your great question!

  4. hi everyone, for those that R overseas & would like to get quality affordable omega-7 supplements check this website ! they ship cheap, as low as $5 ! use this coupon for your first order : FAT659 it must be used for the very 1st order ! cheers 🙂

  5. I wish to purchase your sea buckthorn capsules…but I am from Malaysia, can you please arrange for delivery to Malaysia

    Thanks Q

    • Hello,

      We do not sell anything from our website. Please check one of our sponsor ads and you can purchase from them.

      Thank you!

    • We don’t sell from this website but one of the companies in our sponsor ads may sell to your region. We suggest contacting them.


  6. what do you think of the swanson brand and whats the difference between the powder and the oil……could you email me your opinion
    thank you

  7. Hi i just bought sea buckthorn oil capsules sba24
    Contains 100mg per 2 capsules
    Saturated fatty acids 220mg
    Monounsaturated fatty acids 480mg of which omega7 palmitoleic acid 240mg omega9 oleic acid 180mg omega7 cis vaccenic acid 60mg
    Polunsaturated fatty acids 300mg of which are omega6 linolic acid 170mg omega alpha linoleic acid 130mg vitamine e as alpha tocopherol 4.0mg and vitamin a from b caratone 400 sorry post so long are these any good thanks

  8. I have Blephtities and the dr told me to get Omega 7 so I bought Omega 7 sba24 from Holand and Barrett is this the right one to get the full Benifit? Have to take 2x twice a day for two weeks then1 twice a day there after, on the box it say contains omega 3,6,7,9 and vitamins,it say 2 capsules contains 1000 mg.
    On back of box monounsaturated fatty acids omega 7 ( palmitoleic acid) 240 mg in 2 capsules, also omega 7 ( cis-vaccenic acid) 60 mg

    Are these the right ones to get the highest Omega 7?

    • Hi there,

      Yes, you want to use a product that has Omegas 3,6,7+9. You need something that is a blend of seed and berry oil- which that sounds like it is. Thanks

  9. Hello! I read and keep reviewing and understand all the benifits of Sea Buckthorn products and seems to me all sounds great. I am so intrigue to try it specially the one that can directly cure terminal cancer. I’m kind of in a hurry right now since the Doctor already stop my medications, it did not work and it causes a lot of side effects. so please can you tell me, do you have a supplyer at Toronto Ontario that is convenient for me to buy?

    • Hello,

      If you click on our sponsor ads, you can contact the brands and ask them if the products are sold in CA. Sea buckthorn oil can be very helpful for people who have been through chemotherapy because it can help restore moisture within the body and boost immunity. However, we are very skeptical about sea buckthorn being able to cure cancer. It’s great for helping people recover after chemo but it cannot cure cancer. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but we really wouldn’t want you to get your hopes up.


    • Hello,

      Sea buckthorn oil has some blood thinning qualities, so check with your pharmacists to see if your medication interacts with anything first.



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