How to Choose the Right Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil

Sea buckthorn berry oil is the ultimate tissue healer.  It is used externally to even skin tone and texture, as well as to improve skin issues, such as acne, eczema and psoriasis.  It reduces the signs of aging by reducing the appearance of wrinkles and boosting collagen production.  The high concentration of the rare Omega 7 and Vitamin A intensely moisturize and encourage cell turnover for bright, clear, healthy skin and improved wound healing.

But sea buckthorn berry oil is not just for external use.  It is excellent for all tissues and is particularly useful for gastrointestinal health.  The Omega 7 soothes inflammation and lubricates the gastrointestinal tract to ease pain and irritation and improve waste removal.  Studies have shown that sea buckthorn oil is very effective in supporting people with stomach ulcers as well as soothing irritation caused by alcohol and medications.  The high level of Vitamin A helps build strong bones, protects eyesight, prevents kidney stones and boosts immunity. Learn more about sea buckthorn and omega-7 here.

To experience all these benefits, it is important to choose the right sea buckthorn berry oil.  There are many choices on the market and not all of them are comparable.  There are a few important features you should look for when choosing a sea buckthorn berry oil product.

Omega-7 Content

It is important to find sea buckthorn berry oil with the highest level of Omega-7.  The amount of omega-7 in the berry oil varies widely depending on where the berries were harvested.  The label on the product should indicate the percentage.  The best sea buckthorn berry oil on the market contains a minimum of 30% omega-7.  If the values are lower, it could be because it is made from inferior sea buckthorn or because the product has been diluted with other oils.  The majority of sea buckthorn’s omega-7 content is found in the berry, so the seed oil is no substitute.  Therefore, look for berry oils with high omega-7 content, at least 30%, as stated above.

Certified Organic

When looking for sea buckthorn berry oil, you want the purest product possible.  Therefore, you want to make sure it is free of pesticides or any other adulterants that may damage the berry oil (and make it less potent) or subject you to unwanted pollutants.  Although there are no known genetically-modified forms of sea buckthorn, buying organic guarantees that this will not be a problem in the future.  When buying organic, you want to look for the USDA-certified organic seal.  While there are other certifying agencies, none are as respected or held to the high standards that the USDA must comply with.  Currently, there are only a few USDA-certified organic sea buckthorn berry oil products on the market.


Himalayan sea buckthorn oil is the best quality sea buckthorn oil in terms of the amount of essential fatty acids and other nutrients.  Sea buckthorn has developed its unique and highly potent combination of vitamins and minerals due to its environment.  The harsh, cold, dry and inhospitable climate of the Himalayan plateaus has forced sea buckthorn to develop vast stores of nutrients, allowing it to live and prosper in this area.  Sea buckthorn from other areas (including India, Canada and Russia) have lower levels of essential fatty acids, such as omega-7, than the Himalayan variety.

Certified Kosher

Kosher certification provides another level of scrutiny that guarantees that the sea buckthorn oil is pure and of top quality.  While not as important as being certified organic or having a high omega-7 content, certified kosher is the icing on the cake that the berry oil you’re purchasing is clean.


Finally, you must consider the price for the sea buckthorn berry oil.  There is a great disparity in price for sea buckthorn oil in the market.  Some products are overpriced, some are too good to be true, but many seem to be a good deal.  It is important to look carefully at these products.  Many are priced lower because they are a blend of mostly inexpensive vegetable oils with a little sea buckthorn oil mixed in.   We have recently seen some very inexpensive sea buckthorn oil (supposedly from Russia) online that are not pure sea buckthorn oil.  So choose wisely; read the reviews before you buy.

We have an excellent sea buckthorn oil comparison page here that breaks down the various brands.  Also, be sure to check out our guide on how to choose the right Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil, which is coming soon.

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  1. Can you please recommend where to buy the most appropriate for candida removal and intestinal health. I have suffering from this chronic thrush for 4 years. It is unbearable. I recently was told to ditch Diflucan drug and use the more organic (more affordable too) version extra virgin coconut oil and Apple cider vinegar drink.

    Your website has told me seabuckthorn is more effective! Any pointer would be useful as I am suffering badly

    • Absolutely! Please click on our sponsored ad on the right sidebar right above Buying Guide. That image links to an online retailer that sells some of our favorite Sea Buckthorn brands! Go USDA organic and for high Omega 7 content. It will be the cleanest, most potent, and will do the most for you intestinal tract and the yeast issue.

    • Candida cure is in fermented foods, homemade nonpusterize sourkraut and other vegetables, kefir is also awesome.
      These foods are easy to make yourself. Just do a research. Good luck

    • Huseyin,

      Please click on the sponsored link on the right hand side of our website. That company sells sea buckthorn internationally and can provide you with pricing.

      Hope this helps!

    • Leonard,

      Unfortunately we’re only familiar with providers in the United States. Our sponsored ad on the right sidebar retails sea buckthorn products internationally. Feel free to contact them.

  2. So, if I have dry eye syndrome, is it better that I purchase the berry oil or the seed oil? Am a little confused at the moment.

    • Jane,

      General recommendation for Dry Eye symptoms is to supplement with Omega 7s. Almost all of the Omega 7 content is found in the Berry Oil, not the seed oil. So if you have to pick one go with the Berry Oil. That being said there are numerous benefits of supplementing with Seed Oil including an increased Omega 3 intake and plenty of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. We recommend, as a whole, take take a blend of berry AND seed oil internally but focus more on the Berry Oil. There are a few blends out there in soft gel form that have more Berry than Seed oil. That is our best recommendation. Good luck and let us know how it works for you! : )

    • Hi Dune,

      We do not sell any products from this site but if you click on one of our sponsored ads you should be able to find something from those companies.

      Thank you!

    • Hi Gina,

      We do not sell any products from this site and are just here to provide information. Depending on the brand you buy capsules can be made of gelatin or vegan gelatin and the ingredients vary.

      Thank you!

  3. I want to go in the process of extraction of sea buckthorn berry and seed oil.I want to know what care should be taken to store berry and how old berry can be extracted and which temperature should be maintain to store the berry.Does the berry ingredients can be damaged or loosed if the storing temperature is more than 25 selcius.

    • Hello,
      Once you actually have the oils extracted, they are very stable. They should be stored in a dark location, out of sunlight and should stay at room temperature. 25 degrees celsius is on the higher end of that scale. The ideal temperature would be somewhere around 18-22 celsius. It should still be okay around 25 celsius, but slightly cooler is prefered. You will also need to be sure that the oil is stored in an air-tight container. If exposed to air, the oil can spoil.

      If you need to know what temperature to keep the raw berries at before extracting, we think that refrigeration is the best idea. The standard temperature for refrigeration is typically around 4 degrees celsius.

      You will want to use the freshest berries possible to create your oil. Do not use spoiled berries to create the oil.

      We hope that is helpful. Good luck!

  4. My extraction plant is at 2 days by road distance from crop area,how I can maintain the health of the berry to get best organic oil,i can process to segregate juice,seed and pulp at crop site,do i still need 4 degree celsius for seed and pulp.

  5. We aren’t 100% sure what you are asking. It sounds like you are transferring your sea buckthorn plants to a processing facility but the journey will be long and you are worried that your sea buckthorn will be damaged. We suggest transporting your plants in coolers or at least containers that would protect the plants from light. They are tough plants so they transport well.

    I hope that answers your question, thank you

  6. I am sorry I could not convey in a good way.Plant I mean the machinery which will extract the seabuck thorn berry and seed oil.The location of my extraction machine is at a distance from the crop area that if i transfer pulp and seed at machinery site it requires more than 24 hours and temperature at machine site is 40 to 50 celsius.Is there chances of damage of ingrediants of fruit due to high temperature.

    • Hello,

      Sorry for the misunderstanding! We searched around to find more information on this subject and I was able to find a bit of information in regards to harvesting and processing SBT. Yes, it does seem as though the very high temperatures could damage the berries and make them lose some nutritional benefits. From what we’ve found, the best way to deal with this issue would be to freeze the product before shipping and processing. If they are first frozen, it would help them preserve some of the nutritional value even if they thaw out before they are processed. Below are some instructions that you may find helpful as well as a link to the content online. We hope that this helps but must warn you, we are not experts when it comes to the processing of SBT! So please do further research before making any final decisions.

      Thank you!

      2. After Harvest Handling and Storage
      After harvest the berries should be placed in shaded area in flats no more
      than 6 inches (15.24cm) deep. Pre-cooling for storage is advisable if high
      temperatures (+20 °C) at harvest, especially if breakage occurs at harvest
      and before cleaning. Fresh market berries, after cleaning, should be
      delivered and sold within five days. After cleaning, residue (burst berry
      etc.) can be included in fruit shipment for processing (jams, oils, etc.), where quick frozen,
      remaining at -18 °C until required in processing plant. Sea buckthorn does store very well.
      Respiration is very minimal in comparison to other berries such as saskatoons or raspberries.
      During storage at 20 °C, the respiration rate comparison is — saskatoons 100, raspberries 200 and
      sea buckthorn 50.
      If berries are to be shipped to a processing plant, growers should build a pre-cooler on their
      property, relative in size to yield. A walk-in type cooler/wind tunnel is relatively inexpensive to
      construct. Maximum containment in cooler of ten days is recommended before shipment in cooler
      transport, to the processing plant. Shipment should be contained (once fruit is cooled) in plastic
      wrapping, and then placed in cold storage at the processing plant at a temperature below freezing (-
      1 to -2 °C) if processed within 30 days. Fruit can be frozen to -18 °C for long term storage (1 year)
      without further loss of ingredients.

    • Hi there,

      Sea buckthorn oils are really just fruit oils, so there should be no concern. However, there is a possibility that sea buckthorn oil can make changes to your hormones. You should always talk to your doctor before starting any new supplements while pregnant.


  7. Please could you tell me if this product is comparable to sea Buckwonders, I find this easily available in UK but I am not sure how it compares and I do not know if this product is certified organic.
    I would appreciate your help
    thank you very much.

    More information on Omega 7?
    Buy Omega 7 online today and you could say goodbye to vaginal dryness, dry eyes and dry mouth.
    Name and Package:
    The trade name of the preparation is Omega 7. It is sold in capsules packed in blister packs, in boxes of 60 and 150.
    Product Information:
    Declared content per capsule:
    Seabuckthorn Oil – 499.75mg
    Of which:
    Seabuckthorn seed oil – 30-40%
    Seabuckthorn berry oil – 60-70%
    D-alpha tocopherol acetate – 2mg
    Of which:
    Saturated fatty acids – 130mg
    Monounsaturated fatty acids – 210mg
    Of which: Palmitoleic acid (n-7) – 120mg
    Cis-vaccenic acid (n-7) – 30mg
    Oleic acid (n-9) – 90mg
    Polyunsaturated fatty acids – 160mg
    Of which: Linoleic acid (n-6) – 90mg
    Alpha-linoleic acid (n-3) – 70mg
    Vitamin A (from Beta Carotene) 200µg
    Component Substances:
    Modified maize starch
    Disodium phosphate
    Quality Requirements:
    The raw materials comply with government regulations in the EC and Scandinavia. Testing ensures that the raw materials are in accordance with their certificates of analysis.
    The capsules are produced under pharmaceutical control.
    The preparation is a clear capsule which is oblong in shape. The capsule content is an orange coloured oil.
    The average capsule weight is 694mg.
    The capsules are packed in a press out transparent plastic blister pack with an aluminium membrane approved for use with food.
    All blister packs are batch numbered and the boxes are date stamped in accordance with current regulations.
    Shelf Life:
    Minimum 3 years.
    Product to be stored at room temperature.
    Product Rights:
    The rights to this product belong to:
    Pharma Nord ApS, Denmark.
    No Competition!
    In a recent analysis Omega 7 Sea Buckthorn Oil was shown to be far superior to key competitors.
    Omega 7 Compare Products
    Omega 7 Sea Buckthorn Text

    • Hi there,

      We were able to find the brand online. It seems okay but the fact that it is not Organic Certified or Non-Gmo certified is something to take into consideration. Now that sea buckthorn is becoming more popular as a supplement, many companies are adding the ingredient to their products or just jumping on the band wagon and creating their own supplements. Sea buckthorn is not a wide spread crop and so many companies have a hard time sourcing it. That means they don’t always have access to the best raw materials. It also could mean that they do not have access to the same source every time they make a product, which is not good for quality control.

      Since in the USA supplements are not regulated by the FDA, certifications like Organic and Non-GMO are benchmarks for quality. They show that the company has allowed it’s supply chain to be scrutinized by outside parties which is a good thing. I know that you are in the UK and that this product is widely sold there. I don’t know how GMO or Organic is regulated in the UK, but here in the US it’s pretty important. I would go with the organic option if you can.


    • Hello,

      You will see advertisements from different companies on this site. All of which sell sea buckthorn products.


  8. Hi,
    Looking to relieve dry eye/dry mouth symptoms (early menopause and recent eye surgery have especially exacerbated the dry eye), can or should this be taken along with fish oil, flaxseed and a probiotic?

    • Hello,

      Sure, you can take it with the other items you mentioned. If you take a blend of sea buckthorn fruit oil and seed oil, you could cut out the flax seed oil- that is if you are taking it for the omega content. That’s because sea buckthorn oils have all the same omega content as flaxseed with the addition of Omega-7 from the fruit oil. If you mean that you are taking something like ground flax seed for fiber, there’s no harm in taking it along with SBT oil.

      Also, if you are supplementing with ALA omega-3 from sea buckthorn and eating fish in your diet occasionally- you could also cut out the fish oil (assuming you are taking the fish oil for DHA/EPA omega-3). Your body will convert some of the ALA into DHA/EPA and the American heart association recommends eating 2 servings of fish per week to meet your Omega-3 DHA/EPA needs. Sure, you could keep taking the fish oil but you will probably get more benefit (and save money) by eating two servings of fish per week and taking a plant based omega-3 ALA supp like SBT for the other days of the week.

      Hope that helps!

    • Hello,

      If you can get your hands on a pure sea buckthorn berry oil product, that would be ideal. Make sure to get a brand that has a nutrition facts panel on the bottle, that means it’s pure sbt oil and safe for consumption.

  9. Great to see very useful information on this page.i am from
    a small village in between the Himalanyan range and Karakuram mountain range in Pakistan.In our area sea buck thorn is very abundant but due to lake of knowledge and non availability of market and proper technology this natural miracle berry is not giving any profit to my area.If anyone can help to explore this out from my area it will be very beneficial to my local community.

    • Hi Linda,

      You can ingest sea buckthorn pure berry oil. You can do this by adding no more than one dropper full (27 drops) to a smoothie. The oil can be added to pretty much anything, but you don’t want to heat it or cook with it. The berry oil from sea buckthorn is a bright red/orange color the seed oil is bright yellow in color.

      The pure oil can be used topically and internally. You can add a few drops (3-4 drops) of the oil to your skin and rub it in. The oil can stain fabrics so after about 15 minutes it is a good idea to rinse your skin of any oil that was not absorbed.

      Thank you,

  10. I’ve recently purchased a sea buckthorn berry oil. When it arrived, I noticed a lot of loose glittery particles floating around in it. When I inquired about this to the distributor, they told me this was normal due to the cartenoid content. I’m having a hard time believing this, as I have never seen in the discription that it’s glittery, and I have purchased sea berry oil before from a different distributor, but there was no shimmering particles. Thanks

    • Hi Sarah,

      Interesting! We haven’t heard of this before. What brand did you purchase? You will want to make sure that you are contacting the brand itself, and not the distributor- as they may not have all the information. In our experience, sea buckthorn oil is never glittery. It should be a pretty uniform color throughout. Perhaps it has something to do with the process they use to create the oils. Also, ask what process they use to create the oils. Keep in mind that supercritical CO2 extraction is standard these days and remember that sea buckthorn seed oil cannot be made using cold press. It’s safe to be suspicious if they claim that they are using cold press, especially if it’s sea buckthorn seed oil. It sounds fishy to us, but you may just want to ask them some follow up questions to see if maybe the way they make the oils has something to do with it.

      Thank you,

  11. Hi thanks for publishing your page cleared lots of my doubts.
    I recently happened to go to an organic store Himalya to home n came across the seabuckthorn juice.they told me very little about its properties.but still impressed that it is the highest form of vitamins I bought it and am consuming it every morning.but today i thought of knowing about it coz its texture looks very scary n i can c 2 different colored layers that tend to form if left untouched. 8 to 9 drops r to b diluted in the lukewarm water n then taken.its just my 5th day, i wanted to enquire if its the right one n when will i start noticing any benefits.

    • Hi Nevus,

      Everybody is different and it can take various amounts of time for people to notice differences. Most people begin to see results after about 2 months with daily consistent use.

      Please let us know if you have any other questions.

      Thank you


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