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Sea Buckthorn oil is derived from a thorny shrub that is cultivated mainly in China but grows abundantly throughout Asia. It thrives near water and grows in sandy soils. It has long been valued in Asian countries as a medicinal plant with a multitude of healing properties.

The medicinal benefits of this plant are in fact too numerous to mention and not required in this study but they cover anything from reducing high blood pressure to lowering cholesterol and healing stomach ulcers.

For our purposes however, it enough to say that the oil produced from Sea Buckthorn is nutrient rich and contains many anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids. This powerful concoction as a hair oil makes a wonderful nourishing oil and moisturiser. It is also effective in treating skin conditions and as such is useful as a scalp treatment for dandruff and other irritations that can afflict the scalp.

The oil absorbs easily and does not leave any greasy traces on the hair or skin. Because it is so nutrient rich and also so easily assimilated into the skin and hair follicles it is an oil that is very beneficial for the hair.

It has a reasonable shelf life of one year and as we always say with the hair oils, where possible buy the cold-pressed organic brands in order to get an oil that has been processed as little as possible thereby retaining the maximum goodness and benefits.

Needless to say that Sea Buckthorn is an oil to look out for and one that is worth its weight in gold for the conditioning and health of  our hair.

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  1. Fascinated by all the studies but saw in an old article that anyone with kidney problems (I cannot take vitamin or calcium) should not take the supplement. Can I still use it on my skin? Where are your side effects on this?

    • Hello,

      We think that it will be okay for you to apply the oil to your skin since any vitamins or nutrients will be localized there. Though there should shouldn’t be any trouble using sea buckthorn externally, it is always best to talk to your doctor. This is especially important for those who have health issues.

      You can also try lotions or creams that have sea buckthorn as an ingredient, since in those cases, the sea buckthorn is diluted with other ingredients. In general, there aren’t any side effects that we are aware of, however, everyone has a different skin type. There are a lot of factors like where you are applying the oils as well as why you are applying the oils that will have an effect on how the oils work for you.

      A quality sea buckthorn product should be 100% pure and natural, with no added ingredients (in the oils or supplements). If you make sure you are getting a quality oil, the chances of a bad reaction will be minimized. Sea buckthorn oil is just a natural oil made of berries and seeds, with the consistency of something like olive oil. Though we cannot say for certain that it works on every skin type, for the most part it is so gentle that most people can feel confident when applying directly to the skin.

      Hope that helps!

  2. I have been using Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil on my skin for several months now and the results are stellar. There is two types of Sea Buckthorn Oil that should be noted. The first and most common is Sea BuckThorn Berry Oil (SBBO) and Sea BuckThorn Seed Oil ( SBSO). The difference between the two is that the Berry Oil can tint the skin a red or orange tone. So for use on the skin it is better diluted with a carrier oil to minimize the tinting. The Seed Oil does not stain the skin but has the same properties and benefits of the Berry Oil.
    The berry oil is made from the fruit of the plant, the berries, while the seed oil is from the seeds. Both are equally beneficial but the berry oil is a bit less money.
    The external benefits of the oil are immediate and amazing. Many people get white bumps on their skin that resemble pimples, accompanied by sparse eyelashes and red skin. This condition is known as demodex mites. Readers can Google Demodex Mites to see if this condition is something they battle. My sister has had this problem for years and within three days of using the SBO they began to disappear, her skin became softer than a newborn’s and her eyelashes began to fill in.
    I began using SBSO capsules because of it’s wide variety of uses, decreased cholesterol, softening and moisturizing of internal organs including sexual organs, circulatory system improving the elasticity of the veins and heart. It has amazing effects on those who suffer from IBS and Colitis. One’s hair and nails benefits from SBO too.The benefits of SBO are only limited by one’s imagination, and a little goes a long way.
    I have not had the opportunity to have labs drawn to see if there has been a significant effect on my cholesterol at this time but I will be doing that soon. I am anticipating good results. I have only been using the SBSO for about eight weeks so I think I will wait for another course before I have labs taken.
    Readers may note that some people use the berry oil for internal use and have great results. Personally, I am using the seed capsules because it is easier for me to stay on course by taking them with the rest of my health supplements. I do not believe, nor have I heard that there is any difference in the effectiveness between the seed oil or the berry oil for internal use. The primary difference as I noted earlier is the cost.
    A last thought to consider is which one to pick. There are many different brands of SBO and some are quite expensive. I have learned over my life that expense does not indicate quality. I purchase my products from Amazon because I am disabled and do not get out to shop often. Another benefit to Amazon is the wide range of products with reviews accompanying them. I always read most of the reviews. When I enter the search of the product I want, in this case Sea Buckthorn oil, there is an option to check the rating of the product. I always enter four stars or above so i do not have to read the lower rated product. I want quality and four stars provides a wide range of quality with varied prices. Then read the reviews, make your choice and experience the wonders of Sea Buckthorn Oil. Remember we are all the same but different so your experience may not be as quick or impressive as some reports but steady is the course and great the reward.


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