Don’t forget to look for sbt berries this fall!

Every day, word of the secret super berry sea buckthorn spreads and we find that very exciting! An article from Cambridge News is a guide to the best wild berries to be picked in the UK this autumn.

“Foraging for berries shouldn’t be confined to just hedgerows. On beaches, look for Sea Buckthorn. Its virulent yellow fruit is sharp in taste but is used to flavour everything from schnapps to meringue and blancmange.”

If you are lucky enough to have sea buckthorn growing in your area, be sure to try some straight from the shrub!  We found this great video to show you a little bit about how to harvest the berries and what you can do with them.

Most countries where sea buckthorn grows naturally love and embrace the bitter berries for recipes.  Everything from jelly, vinegar or sauce can be made from these super berries. So this fall, if you can get them, go for it!

Do you have a favorite sea buckthorn recipe for fall? Share in the comments!

Be sure to read the full article from Cambridge News here


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