Study Shows Sea Buckthorn Can Reduce Oily Skin by 45%!

Islamia_University_of_Bahawalpur_PakistanResearchers at the Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Pakistan studied the effect of 1% sea buckthorn cream extract on sebum production. They used 10 male volunteers between 20 and 35 years of age and gave each subject either the treatment cream or a placebo cream that didn’t contain the plant extract.

The treatment cream is a base cream with the added sea buckthorn whereas the placebo cream was just the base cream. The participants were asked to apply the treatment to one side of their face and the placebo on the also known as a split-face study design.

The results in sebum production over 8 weeks are summarize in this chart:

Sea Buckthorn Can Reduce Oily Skin Acne

Source: Formulation and evaluation of antisebum secretion effects of sea buckthorn w/o emulsion

What does this study mean? Well this is excellent knows for those who suffer with acne. Oily skin is a hassle for most who suffer with acne. Acne prone skin produces 3 times more sebum than healthy skin which is an ideal condition for clogged pores and acne causing bacteria.

For those who don’t suffer from acne it’s important to note that sea buckthorn is considered a moisturizer, skin nourisher, and beauty enhancer. It certainly won’t dry out your skin by any means. It will only hydrate and heal it. By balancing the skin’s PH levels with a healthy does of Omega-7 fatty acids, the skin doesn’t need to produce as much oil. So if you have dry skin or don’t have acne, sea buckthorn oil is still the best natural choice for healthy, beautiful skin around.

For those who do suffer from acne, this is just another study promoting the benefits of sea buckthorn for skin ailments.  Dr. Oz even mentioned sea buckthorn for acne in this segment.

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