Beat Radiation with Sea Buckthorn

Sea Buckthorn users will be happy to know that the berry’s traditional use for skin health and burn healing has a very modern application: potential treatment for anti-radiation. Extracts and its supplements have been found to help bone marrow recover after radiation treatment, which may speed general recovery of the body’s autoimmune system. If you are about to undergo radiation treatment, consider using Sea Buckthorn as a supplement that may help maintain nutritional levels in your body and facilitate healing and recovery.  Read on to learn how radiation treatment affects your body, how this supplement may help, additional info on Sea Buckthorn’s immunity boosting properties, and how it defends total health.

Radiation Treatment and Your Body

Doctors and scientists often use one of two methods when it comes to radiation: a linear accelerator that beams radiation at the body, or ingestion of small materials that emit radiation. But how does this affect cancer? The fact is, cancer multiplies at a massive rate compared to normal cells in the body. Radiation destroys cancer cells, ensuring they cannot divide and replicate.

Unfortunately, this radiation affects healthy cells as well. Cancer cells are more susceptible to radiation than most of the rest of your body’s cells. However, your body is damaged by radiation treatment. You incur injuries that vary widely according to the treatment area. Side affects include loss of appetite, changes in taste or smell, nausea and vomiting, constant fatigue, and even depression. Cellular health is obviously affected as well. Click here to learn more about sea buckthorn and chemotherapy.

Traditional Healing for Burn Injuries

Sea buckthorn has been used traditionally to treat burn injuries and skin ailments. In fact, its very qualities have been known to help boost cellular health and cellular regeneration. Studies in China have suggested that treatment from this berry might even have effects that fight tumors. While this supplement certainly will not cure cancer, it may have regenerative effects that combat the damage done to your body by burning and radiation. Treatment by radiation makes the treated area, in some cases, extra sensitive to sunlight. Sea buckthorn, a natural skin health supplement, may be a sensible aid in this situation. Click here to learn more about fighting skin ailments with sea buckthorn.

Defending a Weakened Immune System

Radiation treatment has been known to have a negative effect on the body’s immune system. Sea buckthorn is loaded with natural immunity boosters, including Vitamins C and E; omega -3, -6, -7, -8 and -9; and flavanoids that fight platelet aggregation and free radicals. As your body is weakened and fatigued by radiation, this supplement may provide a boost that will make your body less susceptible to disease.

Nutrition for Total Health

In addition, Sea Buckthorn is one of the most nutritionally dense naturally occurring foods available. The nutrients found in this super berry have been known to combat inflammation, macular degeneration (gradual loss of eyesight), and improve cardiovascular and skin health. The benefits of this supplement or remedy, in oil form or as a powdered or pill supplement, form a recipe for overall improved health, whether its user is receiving radiation treatment or not. Learn how sea buckthorn supports total body wellness and immunity here.

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