Model Uses Omega-7 For Dry Eyes

Linda Lusardi, best known in Britain for her life long modeling career. Although she is remembered for her beauty, most of her fans didn’t know that she suffered for many years with dry eye syndrome. In this article, she talks about how she tried many different treatments but the one that helped her the most … Read more

Sea buckthorn is an up and coming crop in the UK

We found a very interesting website which discusses one Sea buckthorn farmer’s experience with the production of his personal crop in the UK. The blog follows farmer David Eagle’s journey and discusses his struggles and discoveries that he has faced over the years. There are so many interesting articles for anyone curious about sea buckthorn farming. … Read more

Don’t forget to look for sbt berries this fall!

Every day, word of the secret super berry sea buckthorn spreads and we find that very exciting! An article from Cambridge News is a guide to the best wild berries to be picked in the UK this autumn. “Foraging for berries shouldn’t be confined to just hedgerows. On beaches, look for Sea Buckthorn. Its virulent … Read more

What Is Sea Buckthorn And What Can I Do With It?

What Is Sea Buckthorn And What Can I Do With It? Originally posted by Robin Triskele Gorgeous seabuckthorn, with its glorious thin silvery green leaves and plump, juicy bright orange berries… it definitely stands out amongst the rest. The seabuckthorn is hailed as natures most balanced fruit and is well known for being an omega powerhouse, containing omega 3,6,7 and 9.  It is used extensively in beauty … Read more

Be Happy, Eat Sea-Buckthorn, Russian Scientists Say

Orginally posted by The Moscow Times June 2, 2014 Russian chemists have developed a method for extracting high concentrations of the “happiness hormone” serotonin from the sea-buckthorn plant, the branches of which are usually discarded as debris during its harvest, a research scientist said. “The bark of sea-buckthorn contains lots of serotonin — a thousand times more than bananas or chocolate — but the problem is that sea-buckthorn … Read more

Sea buckthorn and inflammation

          CHRONIC INFLAMMATION RELIEF AND SEA BUCKTHORN. Orginally posted by Larry Miller Scientific studies suggest that sea buckthorn (SBT) supplementation may be able to improve every user’s life for the better. My personal experience with SBT has shown that its effects on skin health and skin condition is almost immediate. GIVE … Read more

Tips on Growing Sea buckthorn in the Northeastern US

Originally posted May 24th, 2014  by Wanda Lyapin My first harvest If you are looking for an attractive edible plant for a dry site, then I would like to suggest the Sea buckthorn bush. The berries of this bush are just loaded with vitamins and healthy minerals. These bushes are easy to grow, and you could collect … Read more

The Many Uses of Sea Buckthorn

    Originally published by By Deva O’Donnell on May 13, 2014 Sea buckthorn, also referred to as sallowthorn or seaberry, is a shrub found in Eastern Europe andCentral Asia. It has been used for centuries in China as a food and medicine. The plant is also well known for its antioxidant properties—the orange berries contain vitamins C … Read more

Is Palmitic Acid in Sea Buckthorn Safe for me?

The short Answer is a Definite Yes. So what is all the fuss about?  A study was conducted which tested the effect of isolated Palmitic acid. It showed that isolated palmitic acid could lower LDL (good cholesterol) sensitivity which could cause heart problems. It showed that palmitic acid can disrupt the signaling of insulin which … Read more