Jenny Logan – Omega 7 One of Best Two Products of the Year

Originally published by Jenny Logan 12/2013

Jenny Logan.Omega 7 first came to my notice early on this year, when I noticed that my mum had an almost constantly streaming eye. She told me it had got so bad that she could not longer wear make up and she always had a tissue on hand.

I discovered that she had a condition known as dry eye – which is where the normal oily lubrication the eye needs has dried up, so the eye start to produce extra tears to keep itself moisturised.

I suggested she try a new product, the Omega 7, and she agreed to give it a go, but without much optimism.

However, two weeks later she was feeling much more positive and a month after that she was completely back to normal – no more runny eyes, mascara back on, tissues put away.

I wrote about that in this column and we had an amazing response from it, and even more brilliant stories about it helping dry eyes; which is why this is definitely one of our very favourite new products.

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