Health-Wise with Larry Miller – Sea Buckthorn and Chronic Inflammation

Published on 5/23/2013 Larry R. Miller has been a freelance writer, worldwide health and fitness information source since 1982. Scientific studies suggest that sea buckthorn (SBT) supplementation may be able to improve every user’s life for the better. My personal experience with SBT has shown that its effects on skin health and skin condition is … Read more

Sea Buckthorn Oil for Mouth Ulcers

Sea buckthorn oil for mouth ulcers Originally posted May 2, 2013 Mouth ulcers – or aphthous ulcers – painful, but the inside of the cheek and opening your mouth, usually in benign lesions. Doctors are not sure what causes these non-contagious oral ulcers, it is believed that the virus infection, stress, lack of nutrition and … Read more

How to Stop Hair Loss: What Sea Buckthorn can do for US

Originally published April 28, 2013 Sea Buckthorn, a plant which produces the orange-colored sea buckthorn berry, grown mainly in the mountainous and colder regions of China, Russia and Canada, is rapidly becoming popular throughout the world for hundreds of potential benefits it provides, both nutritionally and medicinally. Whether taken internally, or applied topically to the … Read more

Sea Buckthorn: Ancient Healer and Modern Superfood

By: Michelle Schoffro Cook An ancient Tibetan healing secret is finally being discovered in the West.  For thousands of years Tibetans used a fruit that grows wild in the Himalayan Mountains as food and medicine to treat many serious health conditions ranging from breathing disorders to skin problems.  Now science is proving that sea buckthorn is potent … Read more

Sea Buckthorn: A Shrub That’s Good for People and the Environment

By Carol Dreibelbis Sea buckthorn, also known as Siberian pineapple, sea berry, sandthorn, or swallowthorn, is a deciduous shrub that grows natively across northern Eurasia. As its name suggests, sea buckthorn’s branches are dense, stiff, and thorny, but its berries can provide nutrition for both people and wildlife. Sea buckthorn is valued in parts of … Read more

Sea buckthorn berries: the super skin healer from the Himalayas

“Remember this name: sea buckthorn berries. It seems there’s some new miracle ingredient for skin emerging every week, but sea buckthorn berries really do deserve the hype surrounding them. You will be hearing a lot more about this superfruit in coming years, as the global cosmetics industry catches on to the incredible skin healing properties … Read more

The Synergistic Health Benefits of Sea Buckthorn

It is important to note that no one nutrient makes sea buckthorn a wonderful choice for health and wellness. Sea buckthorn has so many health promoting properties stemming from it’s vast nutritional profile that singling out any one component, such as the highly coveted Omega-7 fatty acid, is actually doing the super berry a disservice. … Read more

Flavonoids in Sea Buckthorn and Their Health Value

Flavonoids are compounds naturally found in plants that, along with carotenes, create the intense colors of flowers, as well as fruits.  They’re partly responsible for sea buckthorn’s color as well as its high level of Beta-Carotene.  They protect the plant from microorganisms and insects.  But flavonoids are not just beneficial to plants; they are extremely … Read more

Relieve Most Skin Ailments with the Extraordinary Healing Properties of Sea Buckthorn Oil!

In the world of nutrition, few foods are as nutritionally dense as the berry; and in the world of berries, few of these tiny fruits are as nutritionally dense as Sea Buckthorn. Relatively rare (sea buckthorn grows mostly in Asia and Western Europe), difficult to harvest, and thriving in difficult climates, it’s amazing we ever came to learn the benefits of this super berry.

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