Sea Buckthorn and Female Health

Sea Buckthorn is becoming increasingly more popular with the medical and holistic industry as evidenced by numerous news articles that can be found all over the internet within the last few years. Currently, it’s being publicized by popular personalities such as Dr. Oz and the hosts of “The View” who are calling it the new superfood for women.

Studies have shown that Sea Buckthorn can be beneficial to women in particular due to its depth of essential fatty acids and anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory capabilities, and can possibly bolster many other women’s health issues from diminishing the signs of aging to menopausal care.

New Year’s Resolution #1: Lose Weight

Dr. Oz recommends Sea Buckthorn for Weight LossLast year, Dr. Oz. wowed his audience when he introduced Sea Buckthorn as the new weight loss aid.  He reported a study in which two groups of mice were fed a high-fat diet, with one group of mice supplemented with a dose of Sea Buckthorn.  The mice that were not given the supplement gained massive weight, whereas the Sea Buckthorn group maintained their original weight.  He explained that Omega 7 fat is found in very few plants and animal sources naturally, with Macadamia nuts being the most well-known, although in very small amounts.  It is thought that the rare Omega-7 fats contained in Sea Buckthorn are mostly responsible for the signals sent to the brain to stop storing excess fat.  Review Dr. Oz’s weight loss sea buckthorn segment here.

Look Younger

Legend says that the ancient Greeks fed the Sea Buckthorn shrub to their race horses and found that the fruit gave them renewed stamina and shiny coats. In recent years science has verified that Sea Buckthorn berries do indeed contain 190 different nutrients, including high concentrations of antioxidants and EFA’s particularly the invaluable Omega-7 (palmitoleic acid). Omega-7 is a naturally occurring component of healthy skin that helps keep free radicals at bay and aids in the production of collagen, a body function that begins to diminish with age. Research conducted in China and across Europe shows that the extract of the sea buckthorn plant is highly effective for reducing the appearance of wrinkles, and retards the process of skin maturation to produce a noticeable anti-aging effect. Commonly used in a variety of lotions and anti-aging creams, sea buckthorn seems to improve the skin’s metabolism, and because of the high levels of vitamin E and vitamin A, deeply softens skin and makes it more resistant to both external and internal irritants.

Feel Like a Woman!!!

Sea Buckthorn has been claimed to be a natural lubricant and helps to relieve vaginal dryness that may occur during menopause. The anti-inflammatory and immune boosting properties of sea buckthorn plant can help combat a number of gynecological and menstrual issues in women, including, but not limited to, menstrual pain, cervical erosion, vaginitis and cervicitis. Learn about sea buckthorn and vaginal dryness prevention here.

Increase Immune Support and Energy

Sea Buckthorn is also high in vitamin C, a potent antioxidant vitamin that improves your body’s immune system. Together with vitamin E, they have therapeutic effects in relieving muscle tension and getting rid of low-energy conditions due to fatigue. Vitamin C and vitamin E can help reduce some of the more common symptoms of fatigue such as low energy and muscle tension. Sea buckthorn may even help promote a more restful night’s sleep and help with yeast infections, a common female ailment. Learn about sea buckthorn’s support to fight yeast-infections.

Head to toe beauty is something we all strive for every day, but more importantly for women.  Women want to show ageless skin and healthy hair, a sexy, slimmed-down body, and an energetic lifestyle.  Unfortunately for most, stressful factors such as aging, environmental toxins, poor diet, and medical issues seem to hinder this for the majority of women.  It is more important than ever to examine the factors of female health and reverse as much damage as possible.  Sea buckthorn may just be the right natural remedy at the right time.


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  1. I was not aware that sea buckthorn can help you to improve the skin’s metabolism and make you look younger. As a woman, I’m always looking for skincare treatments to look beautiful. I will give sea buckthorn shrubs a try and let you know my experience.


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