Dr. Oz Recommends Sea Buckthorn for Preventing Constipation and Supporting Healthy Digestion

Are you constipated?  Sea buckthorn is what the doctor ordered.  Dr. Oz on his wildly popular sea buckthorn segment ‘Sea Buckthorn:  The Miracle Berry’, suggested supplementing with sea buckthorn oil to prevent and relieve constipation.  This was one section of his three-part segment where he also featured sea buckthorn for weight loss and skin care.

On the show, which aired June 2nd, 2011, Dr. Oz discussed how constipation can be caused by a dry intestinal tract.  Sea buckthorn has an array of essential omega fatty acids, including the rare Omega 7, which is known for coating the intestinal tract and lubricating the mucous membranes ensuring healthy digestion.  A well-lubricated intestinal tract supports quick and easy bowel movements, essentially what is missing when you’re constipated.  During the airing Dr. Oz featured a tube stuffed up with fruit and food items, replicating a constipated individual with stoppage in his intestines.  He tilted it up and the food items stuck in place.  Then he poured down sea buckthorn oil which, within a minute, had coated most of the tubes surface and released the food from its jam. Read more about sea buckthorn’s awesome omega-7 content here.

This is important considering all the negative effects constipation can have on your life.  It can lead to serious health problems!  Bacteria builds up in the intestines and the digestive system becomes unhealthy.  As the waste hardens it irritates the intestinal pores and becomes even more lodged in place.  It can make you feel lethargic and bloated.  Constipation is no joke and sea buckthorn is an excellent, all natural, Dr. Oz recommended way to ensure healthy bowel movements.

Dr. Oz specifically recommended taking one 500mg soft gel of sea buckthorn a day.  We feel much more can, and should, be ingested for optimal health.  You can even drink the oils straight which is the traditional way of supplementing with the oil and allows it to begin working on the mouth lining, gums, esophagus, and so on all the way through the body.  Soft-gels won’t digest until the stomach acids get to them. Learn more about the various sea buckthorn products forms available here.

Outside of constipation, sea buckthorn has a variety of health benefits.  It’s a strong anti-inflammatory, besides a skin and mucous membrane healer, making it ideal for ulcers.  In fact, it is well documented for ulcers.  We’ve even read testimonials on the internet of individuals using it as a solution for ulcers in the colon, leading us to believe much more than the intestinal tract is nourished when you supplement with sea buckthorn oil.  It starts nourishing and working all the way from the point of entry, from our mouth, gums, and teeth, all the way to the colon!  What a wonderful supplement! Read further about using sea buckthorn to relieve ulcers here.


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15 thoughts on “Dr. Oz Recommends Sea Buckthorn for Preventing Constipation and Supporting Healthy Digestion”

    • Kathryn,

      As far as we know there are no known side effects of sea buckthorn oil. Everyone has a different level of sensitivity so how one responds to any supplement varies from one individual to another.


    • Patricia,

      Yes- absolutely. Sea buckthorn oil is also very calming for the digestive system but works in different ways. Probiotics and sea buckthorn oil work very well together.


  1. Hi
    I am suffering from Colitis(Diarrhea).
    I have been taking the Sea Buckthorn oil capsule xdaily fir the last few weeks.
    As I read above that it actually is a treatment for constipation I got worried… maybe I am taking a supplement that could harm me…
    Please advise
    Thanks. Iris

    • Hi Iris,

      Sea buckthorn oil can help rehydrate the cells in the digestive tract. That is why for some people the oil can help with constipation. Sea buckthorn oil also has anti-inflammatory properties. Colitis is an inflammation of the inner lining of the colon, therefore sea buckthorn oil could be helpful as well.

      Overall, sea buckthorn oil will help reintroduce balance into the system. It can help moisturize and balance the omegas in the delicate tissues. It can help cells function normally. So while it may help some people with chronic dryness that is causing constipation it could also help people suffering from colitis caused by inflammation in the colon (causing diarrhea).

      Everyone will respond differently to sea buckthorn oil but it shouldn’t harm you in anyway. Hope that helps and please let us know if you have more questions.

      Thank you

  2. Would you please let me know if Omega 7 is good for me. I get diarrhea with any food, I eat. I can only eat the food cooked with lots cheese eg pizza. Cheese pasta, cheese toast, Paneer etc.

    • Hi Gurmail,

      Omega-7 can help with digestive health and supporting your intestines ensuring they are healthy. Though it sounds like you may want to consult your doctor about developing a balanced diet that doesn’t make you sick. Omega-7 can supply omegas that you may be missing but cannot make up for additional nutrients that you need.

      Thank you,

    • Hi Lazar,

      Sea Buckthorn oil is known for supporting the digestive system and improving gastrointestinal health. If you are having trouble with digestion you can give sea buckthorn oil a try to help find some relief. Sea buckthorn oil also has anti-inflammatory properties that you may find beneficial as well.

      Thank you

  3. I take Synthroid for Hashimotos hypothyroid, if I take the sea buckthorn will it throw off the lab work I have to get done for my thyroid levels? My eyes, skin, hair & everything in my body is so dry I really would love to take this.

    • Hello,

      To our knowledge, there is no reason that sea buckthorn oil would change the hormone levels in your tests. Sea buckthorn oil is high in fatty acids and antioxidants, it’s a lot like a much more nutritious olive oil. However, it’s good to always check with your pharmacist to make sure that your Synthroid doesn’t interact with anything. Most likely, it’s fine, but it’s always good to double check.

      Also, to our knowledge, it’s not likely that the sea buckthorn oil will effect your thyroid hormone levels at all. In theory, sea buckthorn oil could help you with the inflammation that is associated with Hashimoto’s- as it is an autoimmune disease. But that would only help symptoms and probably wouldn’t effect your thyroid hormones.


  4. My 16 year old daughter with down syndrome has been on Miralax every day for approximately 14 years. How would I go about trying the sea buckthorn oil to work instead of the Mirilax?

  5. I have blocked caratoid arteries will taking this hurt the arteries in the neck I need it for chronic constipation due ti being a vegan

    • Hi Linda,

      Sea buckthorn oil should not have any affect on the arteries. However it’s very important to consult with your health care team before starting any supplement.

      Thank you


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