Sea Buckthorn Berry and Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil: Which Should I Choose?

seabuckthorn1 291x300 Sea Buckthorn Berry and Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil: Which Should I Choose?As you research the plenteous benefits of Sea Buckthorn as both a dietary supplement and an herbal remedy, you should know that several products are derived from this versatile plant. Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil and Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil are two different extracts, with two unique sets of benefits for your body. In order to maximize the benefits you receive from this highly valued nutritional product, you should know as much as possible about its uses and varieties. Read on to learn the differences between Berry Oil and Seed Oil, the benefits of each, how the oil is extracted, and which Sea Buckthorn product is the right one for your needs.

But Aren’t They The Same Thing?

The seed oil and berry oil obtained from the Sea Buckthorn plant are two different products. Seed oil is extracted from the seed of the plant, which contains a vastly different nutritional makeup from the berry’s fruit oil, which comes from the meat of the Sea Buckthorn berry itself. These amazing berries are uniquely saturated with vitamins and amino acids, so much so that different components of the berry can be applied for specific maladies. The berry is traditionally known for its benefits to the skin, digestive tract, and urinary tract. However, as you will find out, the seed oil has phenomenal benefits as a dietary supplement for enhancing the immunity system and supporting cardiovascular, brain and liver health.

What Are the Benefits of Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil?

seedoil 289x300 Sea Buckthorn Berry and Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil: Which Should I Choose?Sea Buckthorn seed oil is a true nutritional anomaly: in this oil, you will find a near 1:1 ratio of 34% linoleic acid (Omega-6) and 32% alpha linolenic acids (Omega-3). What are those? Linoleic acid helps your body maintain its cardiovascular system, and may function to reduce inflammation, high blood pressure, and cholesterol. Alpha linolenic acids help your body repair its cells, and provides the skin moisturizing qualities inherent in this oil. This oil is also naturally loaded with Vitamin E, carotenoids, and phospholipids that may aid your immune system and combat cancer-causing free radicals. Learn more about sea buckthorn seed oil here.

What Are the Benefits of Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil?

berryoil 300x275 Sea Buckthorn Berry and Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil: Which Should I Choose?Sea Buckthorn berry oil is packed with carotene, which may improve eyesight and prevent certain forms of cancer.  This berry oil has been used to treat skin conditions, such as burns, acne, rosasa, etc., providing a moisturizing quality that may result in overall healthier skin. For this reason, the extract has been used in some cosmetic skin products, especially for facial moisturizing. Learn more about sea buckthorn berry oil here.

How Sea Buckthorn Oil is Extracted

For both the berry and seed oil products, extraction is performed using only berries and extra virgin olive oil. This process preserves the traditional herbal and holistic extraction process that old world medicine used to maximize the benefits of Sea Buckthorn. Many other extraction processes exists, but are more technologically based, and less likely to retain the full benefits provided by this herbal remedy and dietary wonder. We feel that traditional extraction is necessary in order to provide the true, unadulterated benefits of this unique plant.  Click here to learn more about the sea buckthorn extraction process.

Which of These Two Options Should I Choose?

Whether you select Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil or Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil depends on your needs. As you have read, both products retain unique benefits. It is important, as you choose which product best meets your desired effect, to have as clear a picture as possible of what your body wants and needs from Sea Buckthorn.  In general, seed oil and berry oil are both fantastic taken internally for overall wellness or applied topically for skin care.  If you have to pick one or the other, the seed oil has the best internal benefits and the berry oil has the most topical benefits.  Synergistic use is the best policy and a blend of berry and seed oil internally offers the most benefits followed by topical use of the berry oil for beauty and/or wound care.


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17 Responses to Sea Buckthorn Berry and Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil: Which Should I Choose?

  1. Wendy Thompson says:

    I’ve found sea buckthorn berry oil to be wonderful for my complexion and any dry or irritated spots on my skin. It does leave an orange glow for a good half an hour or so but it’s totally worth it when you realize how much it’s moisturizing and nourishing the skin!

    From an old lady to others … give the sea buckthorn oil a shot on your skin!

  2. SBT says:

    Works really well for dry eyes. I am using contact lenses and Sea Buckthorn Oil helps me out a lot. :)

    • admin says:

      That’s fantastic! We’ve seen a lot of recommendations for Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil’s high content of Omega 7′s for Dry Eye symptoms. Glad you’re having success!

  3. Jake says:


    So i’ve been using the seed oil for 2 years this halloween, and it has completely changed my life, but I had no idea that the berry oil was the one you could squeeze the most topical benefit out of. So yesterday I went out and bought some and applied it before bed just as I would the seed oil, and my face was still orange in the morning! Any idea on how to apply it or if i should dilute it so this doesn’t happen again?


    • admin says:

      Hi Jake,

      That’s great that you love SBT so much! Yes, it is true that the berry oil is a much darker color than the seed oil but is also the best for the skin. You really can leave it on for as long as you want (but leave it on at the least 20-30 minutes). The key is that you do need to wash it off with a mild soap, because although the benefits of the oil will absorb into your skin after a little while, the dark orange color never will.

      You can always put a few drops of the berry oil into a larger container of facial lotion (or any body care product really). Usually, the color of the oil will blend out when it mixes with the product. Just remember that you will be diluting the oil and so you will need to use more of the lotion to get the same benefits.

      Hope that helps and thanks for your question!

  4. annie says:


    I just bought two bottles one is sea buckthorn seed oil and OZ naturals the best vitamin C+E+hyaluronic acid serum
    morning and night time i put both of this products and moisturizer on after. I would like to kow is it good idea or bad to use both because my face starting to turn red
    or i should use only the sea buckthorn seed oil by it self with moisturier

    thank you

    • admin says:


      It seems likely that if your face is turning red it is probably from the Hyaluronic acid in the serum. Pure sea buckthorn seed oil is really gentle and can be used on almost any skin type. That being said, everyone is different.

      You may want to discontinue use of both products until your skin returns to normal. Then start again but only use one of the products, one at a time to see how your skin reacts to each.

      Hope that helps!

  5. Valrie says:

    Have been reading about this product and just start taking it but (about 2 weeks) but my chief concern is for my hair which has become dry and brittle. Which of the two would be more beneficial? I like the fact that the seed oil is beneficial for heart, kidney, etc… What would your recommendation be. Do you ship to the W.I. Availability is a concern

    • admin says:


      Both the seed and fruit oils are high in omegas which are all around great for hydration. The Omega 7 found in the fruit oil truly is the best for skin and hair moisturization and you are absolutely right about the other great benefits of the seed oil.

      We would recommend both oils for you actually! Many companies offer capsules that contain both kinds of oil. If you don’t want to do a capsule you can easily buy seed oil and fruit oil and simply take them together.

      We don’t sell products but please click one of our sponsor ads on this site and I’m sure that they will be able to assist you with shipping questions.


  6. Sumeet Garg says:


    Kindly suggest which one out of two (berry or seed) is good for dry mouth? May be seed for internal consumption and berry for applying directly in mouth.


    • admin says:

      Hello Sumeet,

      If you had to pick one, the fruit oil is going to be your best bet. The reason why is that it is high in Omega-7 which is great for hydrating cells. In general it’s good for the cell health of delicate tissues like those in the mouth and digestive tract.

      Thank you!



  8. Dil Mir says:

    I have pimple scars and a huge dark patch on my cheeks… Would I benefit more from the seed oil or the berry oil to lighten the look of the dark spots and scars?

    • admin says:


      The fruit oil is great for helping reduce the appearance of scars and to stop new scars from forming because of the Omega-7. The fruit oil is your best option but there are some things to consider when it comes to the seed oil as well. The seed oil is high in Omega-3 and vitamin E so it’s great for those dark spots. If you had to pick just one, we would say go for the fruit oil. But if you are able to buy a high quality seed and berry oil you can do alternate treatments with them.

      The fruit oil is a dark orange and it doesn’t readily absorb into the skin. So while it’s the best option for your skin issues, you will really only be able to do mask treatments a few times a week when you are at home. Just cleanse your face and apply a drop of oil to your fingers then massage into the effected areas. You may need more oil but just start with one drop as a little goes a long way! After at least 30 minutes you can either wipe off the unabsorbed oil or gently wash it away. You can also leave the oil on for a longer time, but 30 minutes will let it really soak in so start there.

      The seed oil on the other hand, should be a bright yellow color with a nutty smell/taste. It absorbs much more quickly into the skin and because of it’s lighter color, you can do spot treatments at virtually any time on the dark spots(depending on your skin tone). You should again cleanse your face, then add a drop to your finger and massage into the desired area. Because this oil is lighter and drier it should completely absorb into the skin and you will not need to wipe or wash it off unless you want to. Depending on your skin type you may want to add your daily facial cream on the skin after it is absorbed.

      If you get good quality oils, you will also be able to take them internally. Sea buckthorn is amazing because it can help the skin tremendously even when taken internally, so it’s best to do both.

      If you can only choose one kind of oil to start off with, get the fruit oil. If your budget allows get both for best results!

      Thank you

  9. Ejah says:

    My main concern is energy and moisturise my any if these oils help?

    • admin says:


      Yes, sea buckthorn oil is amazing for combating dryness all over the body. Omega-7 is present in the fruit oil and it helps restore moisture on a cellular level. As far as energy is concerned, sea buckthorn is naturally full of many different vitamins and minerals which could help boost energy. Sea buckthorn is an adaptogen as well, so it is known to fight stress and fatigue. We would suggest finding a product that contains mostly fruit oil that you can take orally and apply topically, if your dryness is on the skin. Be careful when buying oils, as some sea buckthorn oils on the market are not meant for internal use.

      Thank you!

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