Germany: Sea buckthorn berries and blueberries dominate berry cultivation in Brandenburg

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The Statistical Office of Berlin-Brandenburg has indicated that in 2013 in the German state of Brandenburg berries were grown by 48 companies on an area of 529 hectares (2012: 473 hectares). Reports the German website

Just as in 2012 sea buckthorn berries were the most commonly grown in Brandenburg. In 2013 buckthorn grew on 318 hectares and therewith more than half of the German sea buckthorn area was in Brandenburg (Germany, 2013: 611 hectares). Only 120 hectares of the buckthorn berries in Brandenburg were harvested, given that buckthorn berries are not allowed to be harvested from the same plant every year. The average yield was 1,800 kg per hectare (2012: 2,100 kg per hectare).

Besides the sea buckthorn, blueberries (107 acres) and elderberry (35 acres) were the most commonly grown in this part of the land. The total berry harvest in Brandenburg was much better compared to 2012. The total harvest volume in 2012 was 636 tonnes and in 2013 it was 972 tonnes (+53 per cent).

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