For complete nutrition, choose sea buckthorn

We found this great article today that covers basically everything you need to know about the nutrition in sea buckthorn.

“The effect of sea buckthorn oil on cardiovascular health has been widely studied. The results demonstrate the ability of sea buckthorn oil to improve blood lipid profiles and reduce risk factors of cardiovascular disease. Sea buckthorn oil from berry and seed increases the level of good cholesterol, reduces the harmful effects of bad cholesterol and acts on platelet aggregation to prevent the formation of harmful blood clots. Sea buckthorn oil also inhibits the inflammation associated with cardiovascular diseases.”

Sea Buckthorn Oil and Vine of Berries

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  1. Berry oil is indeed a miracle supplement.i had the following fascinating results after using longrich seabuckthorn. 1.lost 20kg in 40days 2.ulcers just dissappered more indigestion 4.I stopped snoring 5.I look younger with glowing skin as if I more irregular heart beats .it is indeed a miracle seed


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