A Simple Way to Boost Cardiovascular Health

With it’s well rounded and exceptional nutritional density, Sea Buckthorn has a complex and wide-ranging list of benefits for the user seeking an all-natural remedy or supplement. This supplement has been used traditionally in Asia for centuries to protect eyesight, prevent aging of the body and mind, treat burns and skin conditions, expectorant purposes, and as an infection preventer. With all these benefits, a lot of research may be required to understand what Sea Buckthorn has to offer. Let’s take a brief moment to focus on the potential cardiovascular benefits of Sea Buckthorn. You will learn how it was used traditionally, and then how its various nutritional properties protect and preserve your body’s cardiovascular system.

Traditional Uses for Sea Buckthorn

A bevy of tradition and history surrounds Sea Buckthorn. Legend says that in the Tang Dynasty, Chinese soldiers were stunned when, after having released their unhealthy horses into the wild to die, they returned with shining coats. It was discovered that those horses were feeding on Sea Buckthorn berries. In the centuries following, the berry became an essential remedy and contributor to Chinese health. The vast majority of this plant is cultivated in China where it is used as a natural expectorant (though studies have raised questions as to its functionality as a cold treatment), for overall health including heart health, and often mixed in beauty products for skin health. Learn more about sea buckthorn’s history here.

Nutritional Qualities for Cardio Health

  • Essential Fatty Acids – EFA’s are an essential component of nutrition, and therefore cardiovascular health. Sea Buckthorn is loaded with several EFA’s, including Omega-3, Omega-6, Omega-7, Omega-8, and Omega-9. Below, find a brief outline of the essential fatty acids in this berry, and its benefits toward your body’s cardiovascular health.
    • Linoleic Acid (Omega-6) – This acid has been known to lower triglycerides, and may even reduce glucose in diabetics. Overall, it helps to strengthen the immune system, and might even inhibit tumor growth.
    • Oleic Acid (Omega-9) – Oleic fatty acid may lower cholesterol levels and LDLs for improved cardiovascular function in the body.
    • Omega 7 – Sea Buckthorn contains significant amounts of omega fatty acids, the tremendously useful body fats that contribute to your body’s improved processing of fats.  In particular, sea buckthorn is a rich source of the rare Omega-7 fatty acid. Learn more about sea buckthorn’s rich stores of Omega-7 here.
  • Vitamins – Your body is a machine that functions on a proper intake of vitamin chemicals. Sea Buckthorn has tremendous amounts of Vitamins A, C, and E.
    • Vitamin A – This essential Vitamin helps eliminate pesky free radicals. In the cardiovascular realm, it helps to lower the blood cholesterol level, and aids in preventing heart disease.
    • Vitamin C – To this day, nutrition experts still suggest that Vitamin C levels in the body provide a benchmark, broad overview of total body health. Cardiovascular health and Vitamin C are irrevocably intertwined. Sea Buckthorn may rival citrus in its splendid Vitamin C content.
    • Vitamin E – An antioxidant that’s loaded with power, helping to flush free radicals and keep your blood flow healthy and junk free. Sea Buckthorn contains unusually high amounts of Vitamin E, indicating that the berry may contain significant health benefits.

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